The supply of Appleton Jamaica Rum will not be affected by Hurricane Ivan, the company said today (16 September). The hurricane ravaged the island of Jamaica at the weekend.

"We have the largest stock of aged Jamaican rum in the world, and we were very fortunate that our warehouses were not damaged by the hurricane and therefore we do not anticipate that the supply of Appleton Jamaica Rum will be affected," said Larry Watson, managing director, distribution division, for Appleton.

"The hurricane did devastate much of Jamaica, including St. Elizabeth where the Appleton Estate, the home of Appleton Jamaica Rum, is located.  The Estate's sugar factory and distillery sustained minor damage and will be up and running shortly, and our blending and bottling operations in Kingston were not affected and we are back in production," Watson added.

Watson also noted that Jamaica's shipping port had reopened and shipments of Appleton Jamaica Rum had re-commenced today.