Apple Rush Co. has announced the first production run of its can line of Apple Rush sparkling organic drinks.

Production of the Apple Rush can line will begin in ten days, the company said today (8 October). In preparation, the company's California and Hawaii licensee, Apple Rush Maui, has established its headquarters in Santa Ana, California, to serve as a base for its sales and distribution network.

Apple Rush Maui is also in the process of opening an office in Lahaina, Hawaii, and will work directly with established distributors throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

"We are thrilled to have already established our presence in California and Hawaii and are in negotiations to open an international division in China," said Stewart Cohen, president of Apple Rush Maui. "Apple Rush Maui has assembled an experienced and aggressive team and we are excited to begin fulfilling purchase orders."

Apple Rush Maui will be distributing all six current flavours of the Apple Rush bottle line. The company's three top selling flavours of its Organic Sparkling 100% Juice products, Original Apple, Pomegranate and Cranberry, are scheduled for production in cans in early October, and will be distributed by Apple Rush Maui in the same territory.

Apple Rush Maui will eventually take over production of all cans and bottles on the west coast and pay a royalty fee to Apple Rush, according to the terms of the agreement.