England's vineyard's reputation and sales could be affected if they do not plan how to manage a product recall, according to a recent report by Aon.

The insurance broker has claimed that a bottle of contaminated wine hitting the shelves could result in a surge of adverse publicity. The broker made the observation yesterday (10 May) at the launch of its 'Vine to Wine' report.

"A product recall, as result of accidental or malicious incident, could ruin a vineyard's reputation and customer base. It can take a long time to win this business back," said Aon's crisis management director, David Palmer.

The broker said that incidents including contamination due to pesticides, design faults that cause the bottle to break upon opening, or incorrectly labelled bottles must be taken into account.

Palmer added: "Reputational risk can be worth much more than the lost product and managing this should be a crucial part of vineyards' crisis management plans. Companies need to update their view of PR from focusing on pure promotion to having the ability to protect your reputation and in turn the health of your business."