Click through to view Anthonij Rupert Wines Protea range

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Anthonij Rupert Wines' Protea

Category - Wine, South Africa, Chenin Blanc white, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz blend red

Available - From January

Location - US, nation-wide

Price - SRP of US$18.99 each

Distribution - Terlato Wines

Anthonij Rupert Wines has secured the US launch for its Protea wine range in the US. The red and white variants will be handled by Terlato Wines in the country.

Protea is the name of the national flower of South Africa.

Earlier this year, the marketing director at wine group DGB flagged up the growth potential of the US for wines from South Africa. Jacques Roux told just-drinks in September that he was “very excited” about the US market.

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Making a statement that the bottle can be as beautiful as the wine inside it, Terlato Wines and Anthonij Rupert Wines today introduced Protea, a South African brand poised to reach a growing new generation of luxury wine consumers with an artistic packaging concept.

The inspiration for the brand, Protea (PROH-tee-uh), is South Africa’s spectacular national flower, the King Protea. The Protea White and Protea Red are fruit-driven and balanced wines from the Coastal Region of South Africa. What truly sets Protea apart, however, is the new way the brand’s bottles bring art to the table.

The Protea bottles are made using an advanced screen application in which ink fuses with the glass at a very high temperature, transferring original artwork by native South African designer Mark Eisen directly onto and wrapped around the bottle.

The unique Protea bottle designs – with paisley and Cape Dutch themes that speak to the brand’s South African roots – give these wines powerful impact, aimed squarely at the young, fashion conscious consumers who are driving trial of brands in the super-premium category and above.

“It’s a new era in wine,” said William A. Terlato, president & CEO of Terlato Wines. “Consumers demand quality wine that also reflects their tastes and personality - they want the whole package - and Protea delivers with cutting edge wine and cutting edge design. This break-through in positioning could only have come about through someone who understands luxury brands, like Johann Rupert does.”

Johann Rupert heads Anthonij Rupert Wines – named for his late brother – and is chairman of Richemont, which owns a wide range of leading luxury goods companies including Cartier.

“The Protea is a vibrant symbol in my homeland,” Rupert said. “We wanted to capture that, beginning with quality South African wines and extending to a design that reflects beauty and style on its own.”

In addition to their beauty, the Protea bottles are the ultimate in 'green'; the inks are heavy-metal free and the bottle is made to be re-used – for floral displays, to hold olive oil, or as a beverage container.

Protea White 2012 is 100% Chenin Blanc, a fast-rising varietal. Protea Red 2011 – composed of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz – fits in a core-luxury segment that has been growing as well. Both wines arrive as South Africa makes significant inroads in the market: the country has been leading all other New World wine imports in case growth in the U.S. this year.

Both wines have suggested retail prices of $18.99 and will be released nationally in January 2013.

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