Anheuser-Busch may have to make an appearance at an inquest in the UK and face serious legal repercussions over the death of a young man who was thrown out of a dance event organised by the brewer.

A report in the UK's Daily Express said that an inquest heard yesterday that David Plunkett, 21, drowned in a canal after being ejected for being drunk from a dance event organised by the US brewer.

Coroner John Pollard has indicated that A-B may have to appear at the inquest to answer questions as to why there was only one first aider available when there was a 2,500 people at the event.

The inquest heard that after drinking free beer, Plunkett was thrown out of the event by security staff for being drunk.

Security officer Matthew Stanton told the inquest that he saw Plunkett being sick but he offered no first aid.

He said he had been ordered not to give first aid or call taxis for anyone who appeared to be drunk.

Barrister David Jones, who is representing the Plunkett family is to call for further evidence relating to the "plain duty of care" owed to David Plunkett by Anheuser and Rock Steady Securities, the security firm on duty on the night.

The Express quoted AnheuserBusch as saying: "We were deeply saddened by the news regarding David Plunkett. We will of course continue to cooperate with the authorities, including the coroner."

The newspaper said that a spokeswoman defended the free-beer event, stressing that first-aiders were on hand and that free water was available.