Anheuser-Busch, the US beer giant, is to axe its Bud Light brand from the UK market after the brand failed to live up to the company's expectations.

In a company statement released to Andrew Day, vice-president of AB Europe said: "Consumers now understand the lower calorie proposition which is Bud Light's unique selling proposition. But consumer attitudes to lighter beers did not move as quickly as we anticipated.

He continued: "However, due to the success of the brand in the US and its continued growth, we will continue to look at the brand and its place in the UK market."

Bud Light, the number two lager brand in the world (by volume) and a low calorie alternative to the giant Budweiser brand ceased UK production on December 18. But AB Europe said it will be available at retail while stocks last.

A source within the industry told "There was a low rate of sale and trial sales were not converting to repeat purchase. The proposition of a "low calorie" lager was just not motivating enough for consumers."

The source said that January trade orders will apparently be fulfilled.