Anheuser-Busch has said that it has agreed a settlement in lawsuits filed by shareholders during the InBev bidding process.

Anheuser (A-B) said in a stock market filing yesterday (23 October) that it had "agreed, subject to court approval, to settle all of the Delaware and Missouri litigation filed by shareholders surrounding the planned InBev transaction".

A group of A-B shareholders filed lawsuits against the brewer earlier this summer. Fearful that A-B would defend itself against InBev at all costs, they reuquested the courts to step in to prevent A-B from taking "unreasonable and disproportionate" measures.

A-B subsequently agreed to a US$52bn takeover offer from InBev, in a deal that both firms hope to have completed by the end of the year.

As part of a settlement with the rebel shareholders, A-B said yesterday that the complainants' lawyers have "identified additional pertinent information [for A-B] to disclose in our proxy statement". The brewer did not disclose what that information was.

No further details of the settlement were available.