Stella Artois Black will launch in the Autumn

Stella Artois Black will launch in the Autumn

Anheuser-Busch InBev's Stella Artois Black

Category - Beer, lager, Belgium, 4.9% abv

Available - From this Autumn in “limited distribution”

Location - UK, selected on-trade

Price - Unspecified

Unlike A-B InBev's flagship 5% abv Stella Artois, Stella Black will be imported from Belgium.

“Stella Artois Black will complement Stella Artois 5% and Stella Artois 4%, offering a 'premium plus' experience, complete with bespoke font, glassware and a reverential pouring ritual,” said AB InBev UK's president, Stuart MacFarlane.

Reports of the launch of a 5.5% abv version of Stella Artois, rumoured to be named Stella Artois Black, date back to October 2008, with A-B InBev UK being moved at the time to deny them “categorically”.