A-B InBev is strongly defending its corner in light of the claims

A-B InBev is strongly defending its corner in light of the claims

Anheuser-Busch InBev has warned that it will take “all legal means” to stop a former employee that has sparked claims it has watered-down its beers.

Last month, the company launched legal action against former employee James Clark. It alleges that he “improperly used” confidential information in order to “instigate” lawsuits accusing the brewer of diluting its products. The lawsuits were lodged in three US states in February.

However, since A-B InBev's counter action, Clark, who is now a lawyer, has lodged a petition with the court urging it to reject the brewer's lawsuit. The petition, seen by just-drinks, argues that the action is “an attempt to punish Mr Clark for exercising his constitutional rights of petition and free speech”. The filing adds: “To allow AB (A-B InBev) to proceed with this vindictive litigation would empower all employers to punish former employees like Mr Clark for reporting misconduct and for speaking out on behalf of consumer.”

But, yesterday (1 April), A-B InBev posted a statement on its website saying: “We will take all legal means to stop him (Clark).” 

The company claimed that the lawsuits are an “orchestrated effort by Clark to misrepresent our processes and smear our company and brands”. 

It added: “The class-action lawsuits are groundless and the claims against Anheuser-Busch are completely false.”