A-B InBev has rejected the claims in the lawsuits

A-B InBev has rejected the claims in the lawsuits

Anheuser-Busch InBev has gone on the attack over claims that it is watering down its beers by placing full-page adverts in newspapers across the US.

The ad, which appeared in around ten national newspapers yesterday (3 March), featured a can of drinking water, with the slogan: “They must have tested one of these,”. The campaign is in response to lawsuits filed in three US states last week alleging that some of the group’s products, including Budweiser, contain less than the stated alcohol content

Lawyers acting for the claimants say their information comes from former A-B InBev employees.

The brewer has rejected the allegations as “completely false”. 

Yesterday’s ad pointed to the fact that A-B InBev has donated around 71m cans of drinking water to the American Red Cross. 

The ad concluded: “The Anheuser-Busch logo is our ironclad guarantee that the beer in your hand is the best beer we know how to brew. We take no shortcuts and make no exceptions. Ever.” 

In an emailed statement to just-drinks today, an A-B InBev spokesperson added: "Our employees proudly brew our beers to the highest standards, as we have for 150 years,and the recent lawsuit is groundless."

The company also flagged, via its Budweiser Twitter feed, tests by media outlets verifying the alcohol content of its beers.