Anheuser-Busch has stopped making its drink Spykes due to its "limited volume potential and unfounded criticism".

The 12% abv flavoured malt beverage, criticised earlier this year by advocacy groups and state attorney generals for allegedly appealing to underage drinkers, was released across the US in January.

Reuters today (18 May) cited Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal as saying: "Spykes especially appealed to children in taste, packaging and marketing, its caffeine, fruit and chocolate flavours and tiny, hip bottles that are easily hidden and affordable, readily sneaked into proms, movie theaters, or parties without parental knowledge."

The news service also cited a statement from A-B, saying: "Due to its limited volume potential and unfounded criticism, we have ceased production of Spykes."

The decision to remove the brand from the market was announced at the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association's annual conference in California.

No-one was available for further comment at A-B when contacted by just-drinks.

Last month, A-B dismissed an attack on the drink from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "Frankly, we're perplexed at this criticism, yet we know the CSPI is a perennial, fear-mongering anti-alcohol group whose members are in the business of spreading misinformation," a spokesperson said. "They have even stooped so low in the past as to criticise the use of designated drivers."