Angostura has launched its first new bitters for nearly 200 years.

The company said today (16 August) that orange bitters addition, a variation on its Angostura aromatic bitters, has been made with citrus essence, orange oils, herbs and spices to add depth to cocktails. The 10cl bottle will retain the original oversize label, but will include an orange peel design.

Angostura brand ambassador, Mickael Perron said: "In the world of cocktails, no single flavour has been as versatile as orange, so it's great news that bartenders will have access to such a high quality orange bitters. Angostura orange bitters is an exotic and versatile bitters that works incredibly well with vodka, gin and whisky, and adds real depth of flavour to rum cocktails."

Angostura marketing manager Brian Woods added: "This is the first new bitters product launched by us since Dr Johan Siegert created the original aromatic bitters in the town of Angostura in 1824.  Angostura orange bitters has been 183 years in the making, and we're confident that experienced bartenders and cocktail aficionados will soon consider it an indispensable ingredient in many of the world's best cocktails."

Angostura orange bitters will be available throughout Europe from August.