Amazon tried to launch online wine sales in 2009

Amazon tried to launch online wine sales in 2009

Online retailer Amazon is to relaunch wine sales in the US, according to reports. 

The company will set up a marketplace for US wineries to sell direct to consumers, the Wall Street Journal reported last week. It follows an aborted attempt four years ago that eventually fell foul of tough US laws that ban direct sales from out-of-state wineries in some states.

The new venture will offer wine makers a platform to sell their products, with shipping handled by the wineries, accoring to the report. Amazon unveiled their plan at a meeting with Napa Valley growers last week, it was reported. The wineries would pay Amazon a 15% commission and a US$40 monthly fee, the report said.

Amazon was unavailable for comment.

Earlier this month, Playboy launched an online wine club in the US through specialist internet curator Barclay's Wine.