Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd, the Antipodean Coke bottler, is planning to increase its presence in the bottled water market, according to Australian press reports, in an effort to boost earnings growth.

The move is to be just one in an overall development of the company's new product strategy, which will also see the arrival of Lemon Diet Coke and fruit juice brands.

"Consumers today are looking for different products on different consumption occasions," Amatil boss Terry Davis told the Australian TV company Seven network. "What they drink for breakfast is not necessarily what they drink for lunch, what they drink for morning tea, what they drink at home versus what they drink out.

"I think there are some real opportunities in the water and near water market."

Davis also said that Amatil would be looking closely at the success of vanilla Coke in the US to see if the product can be brought into its portfolio.