The  total sales of Alsace wines saw flat growth  in 2001 at 1,168,000 hl (up 0.2 %), with a pre-tax turnover of around €500m.

French domestic sales reached 866,000 hl (up 0.5 %) while exports of all AOC appellations totalled 302,000 hl (down 0.5 %).

Although the overall export market for still white VQPRD wines fell by 2.5%  in volume, sales of Alsace wines (excluding Crémant) were only 2.1 %  down on 2000.

After falling by 4 % in 2000, sales of Crémant d'Alsace in 2001 rose strongly by 6.8 %  to 160,000 hl (up 4% on the domestic market and  up 28% on the export market). Excluding Champagne, Crémant d'Alsace remains the most popular AOC sparkling wine in France.

In 2001, the best results among the principal export markets for Alsace wines were achieved in Switzerland (up 53%), in Finland (up  38%) and in Canada (up 36%).

With a 21.3 % share, the Belgium-Luxembourg Union became the biggest export market for Alsace wines by volume and stayed in 1st place by value with 21 % of total export turnover (excluding Crémant).