Alcohol sales in Norway rose slightly in October this year, on the back of higher purchasing power from the population and a reduction in cross border shopping with Sweden.

The state-run retailer Vinmonopolet also said that an increase in the number of stores it ran and a reorganisation of its existing sotres to self service also helped.

Alcohol sales increased by 1% to 4.926m litres in the month. Total wine sales were up by 2% to 3.930m litres. White wine sales rose 6% and red wine sales were up 1%.

But sales of strong alcohol drinks fell 1% to 876,000 litres, as did the sale of beer, which was down 10% to 31,000 litres.

Alcopop sales were also down by 7%.

For the period January to October 2004, total alcohol sales were up 4% to 49.281m litres.