The authorities in Russia have postponed the deadline for their alcohol data system once again, according to local reports.

News agency RIA Novosti reported yesterday (23 August) that the deadline for the implementation of the system, which would see drinks producers and sellers use devices to measure volume and abv, has been put back until further notice.

Earlier this year, the Russian government was forced to put back the deadline for producers and sellers to submit data to the Unified State Automated Information System (EGAIS) to 1 November. Drinks companies, with the exception of retailers, are required to fit counters to their systems to measure this - without the counters, they will not be permitted to operate.

Zhukov said the decision on the postponement is final, and that "the Finance Ministry will now have to determine a new date for EGAIS launch".

Earlier a source in the Government told Novosti that the deadline had been moved to 1 June next year.