Alcoholic beverages have had their excise duty upped in South Africa's budget yesterday (15 February).

Minister of Finance, Trevor Manual, yesterday increased excise duty on sparkling wine by 20%, unfortified wine by 12.5%, malt beer and alcoholic fruit beverages by 9% and spirits by 9.5%.

Manual said this should garner an additional ZAR725m (US$118.9m) for the state's coffers.

This means that the excise on spirits effectively increases from ZAR16.26 for 750ml to ZAR17.80, while sparkling wine goes up from ZAR3.88 a litre to ZAR4.65, unfortified wine from ZAR1.40 to ZAR1.58 a litre and fortified wine from ZAR2.63 to ZAR2.87 a litre. A 340ml can or bottle of malt beer or AFB will go up from 57c to 62c a can.