Thailand's Alcohol Control Bill will not completely ban alcohol advertising, according to a vetting committee of the National Legislative Assembly. 

The committee said yesterday (20 June), that the restrictions will be strict, but a total ban will be put in place. Measures will include: warning messages in alcohol press adverts being upped from 20% of the ad space to 25%, outdoor advertising boards being downsized and TV adverts being aired between 10pm and 5am with products on screen for no longer than five seconds.

Initially, the Public Health Ministry said in the bill that alcohol advertising must be banned in all media with the exception of live broadcast programmes.

But, a spokesperson for the vetting committee said that the virtual ban was enforced in only one or two countries and the enforcement had been impractical. He added: "All members in the committee believe it's better to use certain control measures and the [comprehensive] ban is too strict. To discourage alcohol consumption, campaigns are a much better option."