Alcohol-related health problems are on the increase according to a recent study. The second report from the Strategic Task Force on Alcohol (STFA), published yesterday (22 September), said that health issues relating to alcohol cost the country €2.65 bln (US$3.27 bln) last year.

The report also highlighted that the Irish are amongst the highest consumers of alcohol, with a per capita consumption of 13.5 litres last year.

In the report, the STFA also said that almost €6 bln of personal income was spent on alcohol in Ireland last year, equating to an average of €1,942 per person aged under 15.

The report said that alcohol was estimated to be involved in 40% of road deaths. At least 30% of all road accidents in Ireland every year and 37% of all deaths by drowning in 2002 were alcohol-related, the STFA added.