The newly-formed Alcohol Advertising Review Board (AARB) has rejected a call from Australia's advertising trade body to disband, branding the attack "nonsense", according to local reports. 

The Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) issued a press release on Friday (6 July) claiming the AARB had "misled the the public as to its purpose" and questioning its independence. It attacked the group for not issuing any rulings since it was formed in March. 

But, the AARB, set up to consider complaints about alcohol advertising, hit back. Mike Daube, the AARB's spokesman, and a professor of health policy at Curtin University, told the AAP news agency yesterday (9 July) that he was amused by the AANA's press release as it came across as "highly defensive". 

"We're not going to be pushed around by advertisers and the alcohol industry," he said. 

Prof Daube said the group has recieved around 70 complaints on issues such as milk-based "shot buckets" that appeared to target young drinkers. 

Meanwhile, the AANA has delivered 10 determinations - four of which have been upheld - since AARB was formed.

Prof Daube added: "That shows people look to us more as an objective body than self-regulation." 

The AARB's first report will be released in the coming weeks, Daube added, as planned.