Aladdin Trading has added the Argentinean beer Patagonia to its portfolio of imported brands for the US marketplace.

The company said today (17 January) that the blond ale, which is brewed and bottled in Argentina's oldest brewery, will see its first shipment arrive in New York in May.

Aladdin president Ted O'Connor said: "I really liked everything from the package to the taste, to the overall concept of the brand. They've done everything right with the package. The top of the mother carton tears off to make it easier to display in the off-premise. The six-pack carrier is made of material which resists moisture, preventing any type of damage to the carrier when it becomes cold (such as in a cold box in a grocery store) or wet. Those little things make it very saleable to retailers."

Headquartered in New York, Aladdin Trading imports craft beer and ale into North American markets.