Aladdin Beverage has announced that its CEO, Ted O'Connor, has signed a three-year contract to remain with the US beer importer.

O'Connor, who founded Aladdin Beverage over two years ago, has more than 11 years of experience in the beer business, with a previous role as Tsingtao Beer national sales manager for Barton Beers, now known as Crown Imports.

"Aladdin Beverage's future success depends on our ability to successfully market and sell our products, and I am committed to spreading our distribution channels across the county," said O'Connor. "I am receiving inquiries from potential distributors on a daily basis and am eager to make our unique beers some of the most recognised in the fine craft market."

O'Connor is leading a campaign to build his distribution base throughout the US and is looking to import Patagonia Blond Ale from Argentina into the country later this year.