The super-premium vodka brand Akvinta is being launched in the UK market through the drinks firm Wine & Spirit International.

The triple-distilled vodka, made in Croatia from Italian wheat, will retail at GBP35 a bottle. Targeted at the growing super-premium vodka category in the UK, it is being marketed both as spirit that can be drunk as part of a luxury cocktail or sipped neat.

"Akvinta represents something beyond cold designer vodka," said UK brand director John Jeffrey. "It embodies the warmth and vitality of the Mediterranean and its people. While the smooth, cultured taste adds quality, character and luxury to cocktails, Akvinta is a simply superb vodka when drunk on its own lightly chilled."

Akvinta's UK launch forms part of a phased international roll-out for the brand, which was created last year through a collaboration between Russian consultancy Stas Marketing Partners and Croatia's Adriatic Distillers. The brand has already been launched in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy.