Chile's Agua Mineral Eden has announced plans to launch three soft drinks under the new Asis brand. The company will introduce Asis Cola, Asis Ginger Ale and the orange soda Asis Naranja in mid-November.
To produce the new products, Agua Mineral Eden invested US$2m for the construction of a new factory.  The factory has the capacity to produce 15,000 bottles per hour.
Product Manager Patricio Buvinic said Agua Mineral Eden is also attempting to reach new niches in the bottled water market. The company is planning new bottled water products, including flavoured mineral waters and exclusive lines to be sold only in restaurants.
Buvinic said the company is also considering production of supermarket generic brands.

Agua Mineral Eden's mineral waters make up about 2% of Chile's bottled water market. The company is owned by Agua Chile S.A.