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AG Barr's Barr Bubblegum

Category - Soft drinks, CSD, bubblegum flavour

Available - From early next month

Location - UK, off-trade

Price - Price-marked at GBP0.39 (US$0.62) per 33cl can, GBP0.69 per 50cl PET bottles

Distribution - AG Barr

AG Barr is set to relaunch the bubblegum-flavoured variant of its namesake CSD range in the UK, as a permanent SKU. The company, which released Barr Bubblegum in the Summer for a limited period, said earlier today (16 October) that the drink will be available permanently from the beginning of November.

“Our stock of the limited edition variant, which was due to last for two months, flew off the shelves within four weeks,” said Adrian Troy, AG Barr's head of marketing.

Earlier this month, the company recruited Pam Powell, formerly group strategy & innovation director at SABMiller, to its board of directors.

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A G Barr is reintroducing its recent limited edition flavour, Bubblegum, as a permanent addition to the Barr range due to overwhelming consumer demand. 

In the four weeks after its launch in July, Barr Bubblegum became the fastest selling 330ml Flavoured Carbonate in the impulse market *1. 2 million units were sold during this time*2, equating to £1 million at retail value*3.

“Consumers’ response to Barr Bubblegum was overwhelming,” says Adrian Troy, Head of Marketing for A G Barr. “Our stock of the limited edition variant, which was due to last for two months, flew off the shelves within four weeks.

“Consumers have been looking to Barr for years to develop completely new, exciting flavours at great value. Barr Bubblegum clearly struck a chord, attracting consumers to the soft drinks fixture with its bright, eye-catching packaging and bringing them back for more with its fun, innovative taste.”

New products have played an integral role in the success of the Barr brand, which is currently growing at 10% year on year*4. New flavours such as Cherryade, Appleade and last year’s Strawberry Sours have delivered an incremental £20m for retailers over the last 4 years*3.

“Consumers are always looking for exciting new products when it comes to soft drinks – and as well as offering innovation, Barr represents great taste and great value as well,” says Troy. “Barr Bubblegum clearly presents a fantastic, incremental profit opportunity for retailers – we recommend they stock up to prepare for a rush in demand when it returns to shelves.”


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