Irn-Bru receives 150 taste complaints

Irn-Bru receives 150 taste complaints

Soft drinks group AG Barr has had to recall around 70,000 cans of flagship brand Irn-Bru after receiving complaints about the taste.

Around 150 people complained to the firm, an AG Barr spokesperson confirmed today (27 January).

She said that there was a “minor quality issue” with a small batch of Irn-Bru in December 2009, in which a production issue resulted in “an alteration in product taste”.

The firm added that the issue was dealt with “quickly and efficiently” and that the affected product is no longer in trade.

"Some consumers did pick up the change of taste and approximately 150 reports were made to the company about this matter. Each call has been dealt with individually and we can give a reassurance that there was no safety issue with the affected product,” the spokesperson said.

Around 50m cans were sold in over the Christmas period when the problem occurred – of which around 72,000 had the faulty flavour.

Separately, the firm has bowed to pressure from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to remove two colourings - sunset yellow and ponceau 4R – from Irn-Bru.

Ministers backed a voluntary ban on six colourings in 2008, a year after researchers warned that a combination of the additives could raise the risk of hyperactivity in children.