American Enterprise Development Corporation (AEDC) is looking to up its presence on the American Football scene in the US.

The company, which produces the Havoc energy drink brand, said yesterday (17 February) that it has teamed up with arenafootball2 league football team the Amarillo Dusters in Texas to produce an Amarillo Dusters-branded version of Havoc. The beverage will be distributed by Miller of Amarillo, and increases AEDC's presence in the af2 arena. The company has a multi-year partnership as the official drink of the af2 league.

Havoc is distributed as a co-branded energy drink bearing the league and team trademarks and logos. Partnering with the af2 allows Havoc to have exposure at 30 arenas across the country, with AEDC hoping to roll out "numerous other af2 teams over the next few months".

Financial specifics of the arrangement were not disclosed.

"We are excited to be a part of the fast growing sport of arenafootball2," said Havoc's president CK Williams. "We have been strategically planning the roll out of the af2 branded energy drinks and expect to see great success as this programme is rolled out in Amarillo."

The ninth season of the 29-team af2 league kicks off at the end of March. The league serves as a vehicle to bring arena football to small and midsize US cities and as a developmental league for the major professional football leagues in the country.