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Adult Beverage Co's Adult Limeade

Category – Pour-and-serve cocktail, 20% abv

Available – From early next month

Location – US, nation-wide

Price – US$19.99 per 75cl bottle and $23.99 per 1-litre

Distribution – WJ Deutsch & Sons

Adult Limeade is Adult Beverage Co's second ready-to-pour cocktail launch following Adult Chocolate Milk in 2009.

The new variant is made with Blue Agave Reposado Tequila and a mix of limes and agave nectar. The company said the product is a new approach to the traditional margarita and can be blended with other mixers to create custom cocktails.

WJ Deutsch & Sons will handle distribution, the company told just-drinks.

The two companies set up a joint venture last year to push Adult Beverage Co brands in the US.