Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine North America has updated its agreement with one of its distributors. The company announced today that it has agreed to replace its existing long-term agreement with Judge & Dolph, Ltd., an Illinois-based wholesale wine and spirits distributor, with a new long-term agreement reflecting Allied Domecq's "First Choice Supplier" philosophy.

Judge & Dolph will utilise a dedicated sales division to distribute all of the Allied Domecq's leading brands such as Kahlua, Stolichnaya Vodkas and Champagne Mumm.

Jim Clerkin, president of Allied Domecq Spirits, North America, and Bill Newlands, President of Allied Domecq Wines, USA, in a joint statement said: "Allied Domecq renewed its commitment to Judge & Dolph to bring a stronger 'First Choice Supplier' focus to the relationship, including new performance-based incentives. We are confident the new agreement with Judge & Dolph will continue to give us a competitive advantage in Illinois."

According to Clerkin and Newlands, "Allied Domecq is building a strong network of strategic US distributor relationships based on market-by-market business opportunities. Allied Domecq's long-term 'First Choice Supplier' arrangement with Judge & Dolph will feature a new way of partnering with exclusive distributors, including state-of-the-art performance assessments, increased investment in market spending and more committed 'feet on the street' than any other sales force in the market place."

"Allied Domecq's dynamic portfolio of spirits and wine brands generate significant value to our business," said Rocky Wirtz, president of Judge & Dolph. "Allied Domecq is one of the leading spirits and wine suppliers in the industry and this long-term relationship will allow our focused sales force to deliver these great brands to our customers."

Wirtz added: "We are extremely proud of our new partnership. It is a tribute to each and every one of our 800 employees who make up the Judge and Dolph family. It also affirms that the investments we made early on will continue to result in stronger sales and growth."