Click through to view an image for the campaign

Click through to view an image for the campaign

Accolade Wines has announced details of a major new UK ad campaign for its Hardys wine brand as its aims to revitalise the Chardonnay category. 

The initial six-week activity, which started yesterday (18 November), will see panel ads at around 4,000 high-street sites and 215 “large format” ads at prime UK locations, the company said.  

The group, which is owned by private equity firm CHAMP, is also attempting to drive activity on Twitter, using the hashtag #AllAboutChardonnay. This element of the campaign, a reposte to the term Anything But Chardonnay (ABC), will run for nine months, the company said. 

“This campaign is part of the overall objective to reinforce Hardys position as the UK’s leading Australian wine brand,” says Paul Schaafsma, Accolade’s UK & Ireland general manager. 

Accolade pointed to a poll, commissioned by the company last month, showing that 18% of UK consumers are drinking more Chardonnay than they were a year ago and another 18% believe Chardonnay’s reputation is improving. 

New-look packaging for Hardys also is currently being rolled out in UK off-trade retailers, with around GBP2.5m invested in the brand this year. 

Earlier today, it was revealed that Accolade has signed a deal for its Australian rival, Treasury Wine Estates, to produce and bottle its wines in the US