Absolut has launched a new vodka brand. The company has today announced the national launch of Danzka Vodka, a vodka with a distinct character of citrus fruit. In addition to its citrus and grapefruit flavours, Danzka's signature is its proprietary metal bottle that is made to chill vodka at optimal temperatures - and keep the vodka colder.

According to an evaluation conducted over the past month by an independent research institute, Danzka's aluminium bottle chills 50 minutes faster than vodka in glass packaging and will retain cold 50 minutes longer. Danzka is the only vodka in the world offered in aluminium packaging, and available nationally in grapefruit flavour.

In a statement, president and CEO Carl Horton said: "As the vodka market continues to grow, Danzka provides The Absolut Spirits Company with the opportunity to build a brand and business in the standard vodka segment."

Danzka will be supported nationally with print advertising, on- and off- premise POS, public relations and events. Print advertising will consist of three executions highlighting Danzka's "Made to Chill" positioning in unique settings relevant to its target consumer.

In the US, Danzka is available in three sizes: 50 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre. Internationally, DANZKA is ranked fifth in global duty-free vodka sales.