Abrau-Durso plans eight different still wines

Abrau-Durso plans eight different still wines

Abrau-Durso, the Russian wine producer, is entering the still wine market with plans to produce eight varieties under its Homestead Divnomorskoye brand, according to reports.

The Krasnodar Krai region-based firm, which is known for its sparkling wines, is targeting annual production of 300,000 bottles of still wine within the next four years, business news agency Prime reported today (10 October). In 2013 alone, the company plans to produce 94,000 bottles.

Pavel Titov, Abrau-Durso's chairman, said the company wants to sell “high quality” wine and is not focussed on gaining significant marketshare. “Our new legislation does not allow us to advertise wine,” he was reported as saying. “It is impossible to make a mass product in these circumstances.”

Abrau-Durso currently accounts for around 9% of Russia's sparkling wine market, including domestic and imported brands, Titov said.

The company floated on the Moscow stock exchange in April last year.

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