American Beverage Licensees (ABL) has launched a campaign to fight drunk driving and improve traffic safety in the US.

The ABL said today (18 January) that it has introduced a 'toolbox' for alcohol beverage retailers and legislators in the country, called 'Effective Traffic Safety Solutions to Stop Drunk Driving'.

The toolbox provides retailers with "a means of advocating for effective and sensible drunk driving solutions and opposing universal ignition interlocks on all vehicles," the ABL said.

ABL executive director Harry Wiles said: "Alcohol beverage retailers oppose drunk driving without exception and are ready to find practical solutions to stop it. This toolbox includes innovative strategies, the use of current technologies and education and responsibility tools to further reduce the drunk driving problem."

The trade association for beer, wine and spirits retailers in the US said that by integrating "sensible policy solutions, involvement of the judicial community and the hard work by law enforcement agencies," it is possible to reduce drunk drivers from the nation's roads.

Wiles added: "When it comes to sentencing drunk drivers, judicial discretion is absolutely critical. Drunk drivers are not all the same. As with other criminal offenses, one-size fits all sentencing mandates, such as ignition interlocks for all offenders, are not an effective approach to the problem."

ABL and its members will "monitor and vigorously oppose any efforts to implement ignition interlock technology as part of a wider campaign leading to mandated universal implementation of ignition interlocks in all vehicles" as part of the campaign.