ABB Partners is launching its premium cachaca drink in the US.

The company confirmed yesterday (24 July) that Cabana Cachaca would be rolled out nationally at the beginning of next month.

"Our quest was to bring a truly premium cachaca to the American market and elevate the sophisticated consumer's awareness of this globally significant spirit," said ABB's president, Matti Anttila. "We knew the key was to produce a smooth, balanced spirit retaining hints of the freshly pressed sugarcane, while minimising the impurities that are commonly associated with cachaca."

Cachaca is rum fermented and distilled in Brazil directly from freshly pressed sugarcane. It is the third most distilled spirit in the world, according to ABB.

Cabana Cachaca is produced exclusively for export at its distillery outside Sao Paulo in Brazil. The drink will retail for around US$34.99 per 750-millilitre bottle.