The ABA has spoken out over the latest report on energy drinks

The ABA has spoken out over the latest report on energy drinks

The American Beverage Association (ABA) has branded a new report into teenage drinking patterns an attempt to “blur the line between energy drinks and alcoholic beverages”. 

The report, published today (1 February) in Pediatrics in Review, contains “misinformation” and fails to address the problem of underage and young adult drinking, the ABA said. “Let’s stick with the facts, rather than perpetuating sensational untruths,” it added.

The report, “Energy Drinks: What Teenagers (and Their Doctors) Should Know”, said young people can underestimate how drunk they are if mixing alcohol with energy drinks, according to reports

It also said consuming a can of a caffeinated alcoholic beverage may be equivalent to drinking a bottle of wine and a few cups of coffee.

The ABA said most mainstream energy drinks contain only about half the caffeine of a similar-sized coffeehouse coffee, and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. It also said it encourages energy drinks makers to adopt its responsible labelling scheme.

Energy drinks have increasingly come under scrutiny recently. Last month, two senators wrote to 14 energy drinks companies asking for details of product ingredients and company investigations into health risks to children.