Anheuser-Busch and the association representing brewers in the US are discussing plans for an industry-wide marketing drive to boost flagging beer consumption.

The Budweiser brewer, the largest beer maker in the US, said it was in early negotiations with the Beer Institute on the proposals.

"Anheuser-Busch is working to build an industry coalition with a unifying platform that will help all brewers compete against other forms of alcohol," Bob Lachky, A-B's executive vice-president of global industry development, told just-drinks.

"We are recommending that the campaign be sponsored by the Beer Institute and all of its member brewers. We are still in the preliminary stages of our discussions with the Beer Institute and specific campaign elements, including creative execution, the role of individual brewers, and funding have not yet been finalised."

Beer still accounts for 58% of all alcohol consumed in the US but this has fallen from 61% a decade ago. The market share for spirits has climbed to over 28%, while wine consumption rose to 14% from less than 12% in 1995.