Viña San Pedro's UK agent Buckingham Vintners has announced a new packaging design for the Chilean winery's 35° South brand.

The new look for 35° South, revealed recently at the Wines of Chile Annual Trade tasting, is designed to have a more contemporary look while retaining the colour orange and its wind-compass image. The brand considers the compass a key communication of the 35° South line of latitude on which the grapes are grown.

Newly packaged bottles will be available on shelf in the UK at the end of this year.

VSP also announced the re-launch of its brand Castillo de Molina with two new varieties added to the range, a Sauvignon Blanc from Elqui Valley, and a Cabernet Franc from Maipo.

"These are exciting times for the VSP Wine Group, and we are extremely proud of our wines and the amazing team that we have," said VSP Wine Group sales director Stuart Downes. "A huge amount of work has gone in to the re-launch of 35° South and Castillo de Molina to ensure that both the wine and the packaging far exceed consumer expectations, and we are delighted at the response the new ranges have received."