Chilean wine exports showed strong growth in 2013, but average prices dipped by more than 10%, according to latest figures.

Trade body Wines of Chile said late last week that total wine exports in value terms last year increased by 4.9% year-on-year to US$1.88bn. Export volumes, meanwhile, jumped by 17.4% to 879m litres, the organisation said. Average export prices fell by 10.6%, however, to US$2.14 per litre in 2013.

Exports to Asia were the most dynamic, with volumes to Japan and China increasing by 22.4% to 4.2m 9-litre cases and by 20.7% to 2.8m cases, respectively.

The US remains the largest market for the country's wines by value, with imports inching up 1.8% to US$201.2m. Although the UK imported 13.7% less in volume, it remains the largest volume buyer with 7.6m cases.

Bottled wine exports grew 1.8% to US$1.45bn in 2013, while bulk wine exports surged 23.0% to US$359.2m. Sparkling wine values were down 8.7% to US$14.6m.