Exports of Argentinian wine to the US reported a strong double-digit rise, according to recent data.

Argentina's Department of Customs said late last week that exports of wine from the country to the US last year were up by 43.2% in value and by 34.1% in the corresponding period a year earlier.

Imports of the country's signature grape varietal, Malbec, were up an even stronger 60.9% in value and 60.4% in volume in the same time period, the department noted.

California-based importer Vine Connections, which represents 12 Argentinian wineries, said that the performance was driven by higher-priced wines. "For the last ten years, we've watched the demand for Argentine wines grow year after year," said Ed Lehrman, Vine Connections' co-founder.

"Consumers aren't simply buying wines under $10. Our portfolio remains stronger than ever and it consists of wines priced mainly $15 and higher. It's these high quality, authentic wines that have led to Argentina's success."