The amount and value of Spanish wine exports rose last year, according to figures released yesterday. The average price per litre dropped, however.

The Spanish Wine Federation, FEV, said yesterday that the value of exports of Spanish wine in 2003 rose by 5.9% year-on-year to €1.475 billion (US$1.818 billion). The amount of wine also increased, by a healthy 22.8% to 1.273 billion litres. The rise in exports focused mainly on cheaper wines, however, as the average price per litre fell by 13.8% to €1.16.

Exports of table wine in bulk increased by around 55% in both volume and value. The exports of wines with protected denomination of origin (PDO) rose by 1.2% in value and 3.2% in volume. Bottled wine exports remained almost unchanged, however, with only a 0.5% increase in value and a 0.1% rise in volume.

Bulk wine exports rose by 13% in value and 14% in volume, while sparkling wine exports climbed by 5.2% in value and 19% in volume.

Germany and the UK were the main destinations for Spanish wine in 2003. Exports to Germany accounted for 20% of the total, while the UK took 17%.

Domestic consumption in Spain last year fell, however, by 3.5% to 1.157 billion litres. Two thirds of the wine bought domestically was table wine, with 26% being wine with a PDO and sparkling wine making up the remainder.