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Global Children’s Bottled Water 2014 Report

Increasing concerns over child obesity are providing opportunities for bottled water targeted at children to seize market share from other children’s soft drink categories, many of which are criticise... | more...

March 2014

$ 1305.00

Liquid Water Enhancers 2014 Report

Pocket-sized packs of super-concentrated syrups did not exist until Kraft Foods Group introduced MiO Liquid Water Enhancers in March 2011. By the end of 2013, the US market alone was worth $412 millio... | more...

February 2014

$ 4351.00

GCC Dairy Market 2013 Report

This is a new comprehensive report on the GCC Dairy market. The report covers the following product categories across 6 GCC countries: Fresh white milk – unflavoured UHT white milk – unflavoured ... | more...

November 2013

$ 4287.71

China Bottled Water 2013 Report (with 5 regional sections)

The bottled water market grew by 14% in volume in 2012 to 54 billion litres in China. The market value has seen a significant growth of 230% since 2008 and registered over $16 billion in 2012. The mar... | more...

November 2013

$ 5162.76

Global Stevia Market 2013 Report

With rising prices of sugar and concerns about calories, food and beverage manufacturers are exploring alternative sweeteners for use in their products. Stevia, a high intensity natural sweetener, of... | more...

October 2013

$ 2275.11

USA POU and Bottled Coolers 2013 Report

Background and report description The market for POU and bottled coolers has seen continued growth over the last 3 years, reaching nearly 5.5 million units installed. While POU has increasingly stole... | more...

October 2013

$ 7437.87

Latin America Energy Drinks 2013 Report

The report offers a detailed and accurate picture of the Regional market environment by investigating a number of aspects of the energy drinks sector in each country. These cover consumption and value... | more...

October 2013

$ 6125.31

Saudi Arabia RTD/Iced Tea 2013 Report

Ready-to-drink tea consumption in Saudi Arabia rose by 13% in 2012 and the market’s value has grown by 64% since 2008 to $44 million. Sales are dominated by Lipton Ice Tea from Pepsi Lipton Internatio... | more...

October 2013

$ 1032.55

East Europe Coolers Report (with full POU analysis)

NEW! For the first time, after 12 annual editions, a full analysis of the point-of-use (POU) market is also included for each of the 15 countries covered in the report increasing its value extensively... | more...

August 2013

$ 7437.87

Australia Coolers Report 2013

The Australian water cooler market stood at 340,000 units installed at the end of 2012. The market is still dominated by bottled water coolers, with over 65% share, but their number has fallen in the ... | more...

August 2013

$ 962.55

New Zealand Coolers Report 2013

The New Zealand water cooler market continued its downward trend evident since 2008, with POU gains unable to compensate for bottled water losses. The total installed cooler base at the end of 2012 st... | more...

August 2013

$ 962.55

Global Premium Bottled Water

After a slowdown in growth mainly because of the economic downturn and environmental concerns, premium bottled water has now regained momentum and Zenith forecasts continued expansion. Successful prem... | more...

May 2013

$ 2187.61

UK Bottled Water 2013 Report

"After being held back in the early stages of the recent recession, bottled water has regained momentum,” commented Zenith Chairman Richard Hall. “Consumers are now viewing more positively its key ben... | more...

April 2013

$ 3062.65

UK Coolers Report

Last year was the first year since 2007 when the total installed cooler base in the UK has not declined with POU gains off-setting BWC losses. By the end of 2012, the total installed cooler base stood... | more...

April 2013

$ 962.55

West Europe Coolers Report

The West Europe water cooler market, which scarcely existed 25 years ago, climbed to a record 2.78 million units installed at the end of 2012. The market is still dominated by bottled water coolers, w... | more...

July 2012

$ 7437.87