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China internet and social media report how Chinese consumers use the digital world to learn about wine

China now has more than half a billion internet users, numerically more than any other country in the world. Not only are these consumers increasingly going online, they’re also spending more time onl... | more...

April 2013

$ 2625.13

Global Trends in Alcoholic Drinks 2013

From Feel Good to Fusion: What consumers want in the drinks category... | more...

January 2013

$ 1700.00

Nordic Landscapes: The Monopolies

The wine trade has a habit of talking about “the Nordics” as if it was some federation of nations, all sharing a common identity. However, to understand the Nordic countries on any level, Sweden, Norw... | more...

September 2012

$ 4000.00

Portraits Australia 2012

Portraits is based on a detailed survey of over 3,000 regular wine consumers – that is, those who drink wine at least once per month and conducted using an online questionnaire. This sample is fully r... | more...

September 2012

$ 4000.00

Australian Wine Market Landscape Report

Australians are becoming more knowledgeable, confident and experimental in their wine tastes, while keeping a sharp eye on prices, according to this report. The Australian market for wine is now the 1... | more...

August 2012

$ 4000.00

Portraits China 2012

China Portraits is the first published study that establishes a consumer segmentation of Chinese wine drinkers, and is the culmination of 2 years of quantitative and qualitative research by Wine Intel... | more...

August 2012

$ 4000.00

Japan Wine Market Landscape Report

Japan is now the world’s 23rd biggest wine market, having overtaken Austria and Ukraine in the last 12 months, despite the twin shocks of last year’s earthquake and global economic uncertainty. For a ... | more...

August 2012

$ 4000.00

UK Wine Market Trends: Consumer Insights from the UK Market

Consumers in the UK are drinking less wine and continuing to shun the on-trade, according to this research. Promotions remain paramount as a choice cue, with grape variety and brand or product familia... | more...

August 2012

$ 1600.00

Australian Internet and Social Media Report: How Australian Use the Digital World to Learn About Wine

Our survey explored how respondents use the following online and traditional sources in the context of wine information, online sources of information: Internet ((newspaper or magazine websites, small... | more...

July 2012

$ 2400.00

Wine Packaging Report: Consumer Insights from the UK Market

UK wine consumers are surprisingly adventurous in their choices of wine packaging, which could eventually mean the traditional 75cl bottle may lose its stranglehold on the market. But even though mill... | more...

July 2012

$ 800.00

China Label Report Consumer Insights from the Chinese Market

Chinese wine consumers may still revere traditional labels on the wines they buy, but they are open to more contemporary interpretations, according to new research published by Wine Intelligence. In i... | more...

June 2012

$ 800.00

Lower Alcohol Wines: Consumer Insights from the UK Market

4 in 10 consumers open to a lower alcohol offer, according to new report The potential market for lower alcohol wines is around 13 million UK wine drinkers, according to new research published by Wine... | more...

May 2012

$ 800.00