West Europe Coolers Report

Published: July 2012

Publisher: Zenith International

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Report description

The West Europe water cooler market, which scarcely existed 25 years ago, climbed to a record 2.78 million units installed at the end of 2012. The market is still dominated by bottled water coolers, with a 58% share, but their number has fallen in each of the last five years to 1.6 million. In contrast, mains water point-of-use coolers have gained share each year, rising by 6% in 2012 to 1.2 million.

The United Kingdom and Italy remain the largest markets, with a combined 41% share. Switzerland achieved the greatest increase for point-of-use units in 2012. Spain saw an overall decline, with point-of-use gains falling short of bottled water cooler losses. Zenith forecasts continued overall growth, taking the total to 3.2 million in 2017. Provided companies focus their efforts on innovative and sustainable products, customer service and the importance of hydration, there is still strong potential for the future. Point-of-use coolers are expected to reach 50% of the market by 2017.

Zenith’s report on West Europe Coolers provides an in-depth analysis and insights on both bottled and point of use water cooler markets in 16 countries, including the full UK market analysis, the report offers excellent value for money.

The report sets out market and segment totals, alongside detailed rankings and profiles of Europe’s leading industry operators, providing the only report available on home and office delivery and POU market trends in the region.

Countries include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK

Table of contents

Market data provided in this report:

Total water cooler market

  • Bottled water market, 2008-12
  • Water cooler market analysis, 2008-12
  • Total cooler units by country, 2008-12
  • POU share of total West Europe cooler units, 2008-12
  • POU water cooler conversion, 2012

Bottled water coolers

  • Bottled cooler units by country, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler numbers annual percentage change, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler units per 1,000 population, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler & bulk water volumes, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler volume & bulk water annual percentage change, 2008-12
  • Cooler water throughput by country, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler market breakdown by water type, 2012
  • Cooler water types by country, 2012
  • Cooler water packaging by type, 2012
  • Cooler water packaging size by country, 2012
  • Bottled cooler market characteristics, 2012
  • Water for cooler consumption per person, 2008-12
  • Bottled cooler revenue indicators by country, 2012
  • Bottled cooler revenue indicators, 2010-12

Point of use coolers

  • POU units by country, 2008-12
  • POU units annual percentage change, 2008-12
  • POU units per thousand people, 2008-12
  • POU unit distribution by outlet, 2012
  • POU rented vs sold units, 2012
  • POU water cooler unit characteristics, 2012
  • POU rental and sold units income, 2012

Industry structure

  • Top 25 national water cooler distributors, 2008-12
  • Top 5 West European water cooler distributor groups, 2010-12
  • Top 25 West European water cooler brands, 2008-12
  • Top 25 West European water cooler bottlers, 2008-12
  • Top water cooler distributors by country, 2008-12
  • Leading West European POU companies by country, 2008-12
  • Leading national POU groups, 2008-12

Market forecast

  • POU water cooler units by country, 2013-17
  • POU units per thousand people by country, 2013-17
  • POU units annual percentage change by country, 2013-17
  • Bottled water cooler units by country, 2013-17
  • Bottled water cooler units per thousand people by country, 2013-17
  • Water cooler volumes by country, 2013-17
  • POU share of total West Europe cooler units by country 2013-17

Price: $ 7437.87

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