UK Wine Market Trends: Consumer Insights from the UK Market

Published: August 2012

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Consumers in the UK are drinking less wine and continuing to shun the on-trade, according to new research published by Wine Intelligence. Promotions remain paramount as a choice cue, with grape variety and brand or product familiarity the next most important decision influence, according to the Wine Intelligence UK Market Trends Report 2012. Total consumption occasions are down slightly, reflecting a trend over the past 4 years. This is especially true in the on-trade, where the “big night out” occasion is significantly down, though the “formal meal” and “informal drink” occasion are staging something of a comeback having hit their low points in March 2010. Overall spend per bottle is rising, particularly in the off-trade, driven in part by tax and duty increases. In 2008, around 65% of UK consumers said they typically spent below £5 per bottle for wine to drink at home; in 2012, this proportion has fallen to around 45%. At the same time consumers appear more likely to spend over £7 a bottle in the off-trade than ever before. The proportion of respondents in Wine Intelligence’s survey who say they typically spend over £7 has doubled since 2008, and now stands at 16% of UK wine consumers.

Table of contents

  • Part 1: Management summary
  • Part 2: Insights
  • Who is drinking wine in the UK?
  • What are consumers drinking?
  • Where and how are UK consumers buying wine?
  • What is happening to UK consumer wine buying and spend?
  • Appendices

Price: $ 1600.00

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