UK Retail Occasions: Summer 2012

Published: August 2012

Publisher: Canadean Ltd

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Report description

Product Synopsis
This report provides an in-depth understanding of how consumers behaved over the summer holiday period in 2012: what did they buy, why did they buy it and where did they shop, are all examined. In addition, the report examines people's opinions of retailers and of what they are looking for when purchasing summer products. The report is driven by unique consumer data and interviews.

Introduction and Landscape
Conlumino's Retail Occasions series helps you to understand how consumers are shopping across the various events and occasions in the retail calendar. For each occasion we analyze the results of a large consumer survey to understand what’s happening and what it means for you.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Market Issues
1. Understand what's being purchased
We explore what products people are purchasing for each of the key occasions and analyze the penetration rates for key categories. A wide range of products are covered including food, gifts, clothing and goods for the home.

2. Understand where it's being purchased
We monitor which retailers consumers have visited for each of the occasions, what they have used those retailers for and what they thought of them. We analyze retailer customer share both overall and by product category.

3. Explore what's being spent
We examine how much people are spending and intend to spend across the various categories and products and how this differs to previous years. We also look at total household budgets for the various occasions.

4. Understand how people are celebrating
We take a broad look at what people are doing for the various occasions, how they intend to celebrate them and how these things are influencing and affecting their retail and buying behavior.

5. Explore key issues by demographics
We analyze all of the above at an overall level but also provide a breakdown by key demographics as well as by region. On a bespoke basis we can also isolate and explore specific consumer segmentations.

Key Highlights
The ongoing economic downturn is making it financially difficult for many consumers to take long two-week holidays over summer. Around 45% of consumers said money is too tight for a proper holiday with many opting for short breaks instead.

Price is the overriding factor driving purchasing decisions for essential holiday items. Low prices ranks as the most important criteria for choosing where to shop for all summer non food shopping including holiday purchases and general non food summer spend. For seasonal food purchases low prices ranks just below convenience.

While around half of consumers don’t refresh their summer wardrobe every year, there is greater propensity to spend on fashion among those that are going on holiday and getting away for the summer. Buying penetration of essential summer items such as shorts, skirts and dresses is significantly higher among consumers that went on holiday abroad or in the UK.

The bad weather had an adverse impact on the purchase of gardening and outdoor products despite the garden continuing to be one of the main hubs of activity over the summer period. Around half of consumers spent time doing activities in the garden over summer. However investment in the garden remained relatively low key with most spend going to outdoor shrubs and plants. There was low purchasing penetration of big ticket items such as BBQs and garden furniture.

Table of contents

1. Overview and summary of findings,
2. Consumer attitudes to summer holidays,
3. Holiday products purchasing dynamics,
4. Seasonal summer food purchasing dynamics,
5. General summer product purchasing dynamics,
6. Technical appendix

List of Tables
1. Factors that are important when choosing where to shop for summer products
2. Retailers used: beach and swim
3. Buying penentration and spend by product: beach and swim
4. Retailers used: holiday healthcare
5. Buying penentration and spend by product: holiday healthcare
6. Retailers used: holiday accessories
7. Buying penentration and spend by product: holiday accessories
8. Retailers used: camping and outdoors
9. Buying penentration and spend by product: camping and outdoors
10. Retailers used: luggage and travel accessories
11. Buying penentration and spend by product: luggage and travel accessories
12. Retailers used: entertainment
13. Buying penentration and spend by product: entertainment
14. Retailers used: clothing and accessories
15. Buying penentration and spend by product: clothing and accessories
16. What's driving main store selection in summer food buying
17. Retailers used: picnic products
18. Buying penentration and spend by product: picnic products
19. Retailers used: outdoor gardening products
20. Buying penentration and spend by product: outdoor gardening products
21. Retailers used: summer clothing
22. Buying penentration and spend by product: summer clothing

List of Figures
1. How consumers feel in financial terms compared to last summer
2. How summer spending has been financed this year
3. How summer spending this year compares to last year
4. How unseasonable weather has affected summer spending
5. Consumer mindsets this summer
6. Summer activities undertaken this year
7. What's driving store selection across key product categories
8. Buying penetration: beach and swim
9. Buying penetration by demographic: beach and swim
10. Buying penetration: holiday healthcare
11. Buying penetration by demographic: holiday healthcare
12. Buying penetration: holiday accessories
13. Buying penetration by demographic: holiday accessories
14. Buying penetration: camping and outdoors
15. Buying penetration by demographic: camping and outdoors
16. Buying penetration: Luggage and travel accessories
17. Buying penetration by demographic: Luggage and travel accessories
18. Buying penetration: Entertainment
19. Buying penetration by demographic: Entertainment
20. Buying penetration: Clothing and accessories
21. Buying penetration by demographic: Clothing and accessories
22. Spending on summer foods
23. Spending on summer drinks
24. Retailers used for summer food
25. Retailers most used for summer food
26. Buying dynamics: BBQ meats
27. Buying dynamics: BBQ vegetarian options
28. Buying dynamics: BBQ vegetables and fruit
29. Buying dynamics: Salads
30. Buying dynamics: Cooked meats
31. Buying dynamics: Snacks
32. Buying dynamics: Condiments and relishes
33. Buying dynamics: Ice cream and lollies
34. Buying dynamics: Summer desserts
35. Buying dynamics: Bakery
36. Buying dynamics: Soft drinks
37. Buying dynamics: Cider, beer and lager
38. Buying dynamics: Wine and champagne
39. Buying dynamics: Spirits
40. Buying dynamics: Mixers
41. What's driving store selection for picnic, gardening and clothing goods
42. Buying penetration: Picnic products
43. Buying penetration by demographic: Picnic products
44. Buying penetration: Outdoor gardening products
45. Buying penetration by demographic: Outdoor gardening products
46. Buying penetration: Summer clothing
47. Buying penetration by demographic: Summer clothing

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