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Retailing in Russia 2013 - Discovering the market

Russia represents a large middle-income market with growing consumer expenditure. The retail industry in Russia is in a good position as one of the fastest growing industries in terms of value added. ... | more...

April 2013

$ 1732.59

Convenience Store 2020

We have identified 5 issues that will be crucial to the convenience store format in 2020.... | more...

November 2012

$ 2100.11

Lidl & Kaufland: hard discounters 2012

Schwarz Gruppe is not just the driving force behind Lidl’s remarkable success story over recent years, but is also behind Kaufland – currently the most successful hypermarket business in the EU. The K... | more...

October 2012

$ 1662.58

Aldi - Hard discounters 2012: the winning format

An unprecedented growth story is unfolding, as austerity bites across the west and food price inflation will filter through into higher retail prices next year. One retailer that stands to benefit hug... | more...

September 2012

$ 1662.58

The Private Label Landscape 2012: Future Strategies To Win

The Private Label Landscape 2012: Future Strategies To Win - What makes the hard discounters so successful and how to combat them using their own strategies - study into emerging private label trends ... | more...

July 2012

$ 1312.57

Online Grocery Retailing 2012

This report focuses on four key issues. It provides an analysis into the context the sector operates in by focusing on the wider trends impacting online grocery and crucially it provides all the data ... | more...

May 2012

$ 1662.58