Red Bull: A trailblazer in marketing strategy

Published: July 2012

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Red Bull has spared no expense in pursuit of its own path to market domination. Its efforts have been so extensive that the number of sportspeople and events it sponsors can be listed in the hundreds. In some areas the company has even popularized brand new sports. This method of recognition has been hugely successful, despite the enormous amount of money invested.

Scope of this research
MarketLine Case Studies describe topics such as innovative products, business models, and significant company acquisitions. Fact-based and presented in an accessible style, they explain the rationale of commercial decisions and illustrate wider market and economic trends. Research and analysis highlights
Red Bull has forged an entirely new market segment with its unique product, and today is the number one worldwide energy drinks company. Its current sales volume exceeds 4 billion cans sold and it operates in 160 countries.

Red Bull's way of showing off its products and becoming recognized by its target audience is unusual but hugely successful, and despite its extensive investment is actually more economical than traditional advertising methods. The company runs and owns numerous sporting events and teams, all showing the Red Bull logo in pride of place.

The company may face some tough challenges from its competitors as they are now using similar techniques to get their own products recognized, which may negate Red Bull's current advantage. Some of Red Bull's main competitors are well-funded and operated by multinational corporations.

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How has Red Bull managed to dominate the energy drinks market? What is Red Bull's method of gaining public recognition? How does Red Bull compare to its main competitors in the market? What is Red Bull's background? How does Red Bull's marketing campaign compare to more traditional methods of brand recognition?

Table of contents

How it all started
The origins
A gap in the market
The road to success
Red Bull's current position
The numbers
The product takes on a secondary role
Unique marketing
Traditional methods of advertising
The Red Bull way
Non-product-related acquisitions
Results of the efforts
Becoming cool
Potential pitfalls
Health concerns
Access to new markets
Counterfeit products
The future
Further Reading
Ask the analyst
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Figure 1: Krating Daeng can
Figure 2: Red Bull can
Figure 3: Red Bull revenues
Figure 4: Red Bull and Monster revenues
Figure 5: Leading energy drinks players' market shares
Figure 6: Red Bull website contents
Figure 7: Red Bull cartoon advert
Figure 8: Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car
Figure 9: Red Bell New York
Figure 10: A Red Bull snowboarding helicopter
Figure 11: Valentino Rossi sporting the Monster logo

Price: $ 400.00

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