Portraits China 2012

Published: August 2012

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Pages: 49

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Report description

China Portraits is the first published study that establishes a consumer segmentation of Chinese wine drinkers, and is the culmination of 2 years of quantitative and qualitative research by Wine Intelligence in the Chinese market.This report includes the following documents: 1. Management Summary: Introduction to China Portraits 2. Handbook: Detailed description of each segment and their relationship with wine 3. Profiling tables with full Vinitrac® data.

Table of contents

  • Portraits overview and identifying your target
  • Adventurous Connoisseurs
  • Prestige-seeking Traditionalists
  • Social Newbies
  • Casual-at-Homers
  • Health Sippers
  • Frugal Occasionals
  • Methodology

Price: $ 4000.00

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