Portraits Australia 2012

Published: September 2012

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Pages: 59

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Report description

Portraits is based on a detailed survey of over 3,000 regular wine consumers – that is, those who drink wine at least once per month and conducted using an online questionnaire. This sample is fully representative of Australia's 11.5 million regular consumers of still light wine based on the Wine Intelligence annual calibration survey of wine drinkers in Australia. In addition, a qualitative research programme was conducted face-to-face focus groups with consumers from the key segments. This qualitative work focused on gaining an additional in-depth understanding of the motivations and behaviours driving wine consumption.This report includes the following documents: 1. Management Summary: Introduction to Australia Portraits 2. Handbook: Detailed description of each segment and their relationship with wine 3. Profiling tables with full Vinitrac® data.

Table of contents

  • Portraits overview and identifying your target
  • Adventurous Connoisseurs
  • Developing Drinkers
  • Mainstream Bargain Hunters
  • Contented Casuals
  • Newbies
  • Senior Sippers
  • Methodology

Price: $ 4000.00

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